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Meet Suzy, our Aesthetics Nurse

We would like to introduce you to Suzy who will be offering aesthetics one Saturday a month with us at Beauty by Tabitha. 

Suzy BSc graduated as a nurse from the University of Worcester in 2016. Her nursing background is Oncology and Haematology, specialising in the administration of anti-cancer therapies. Since qualifying Suzy has completed further degrees in Health Assessment and Prescribing, allowing her the capability to offer wider services to her patients.


Suzy has always had a passion for facial aesthetics, dermatology and cosmetic procedures which led to further training and studies within these fields. Suzy has been certified in facial aesthetics and skin injectables since 2017. As the advancements in non-surgical treatments continue, so does her training to ensure up to date techniques, products, procedures and trends.


Suzy prides herself in achieving natural results for every client, and believes in most cases a conservative approach is best. Suzy offers clinics in both Worcestershire UK and the Isle of Man, personally travelling to both locations. Her personal approach and caring background is what she is best known for.

Aesthetics Services and Prices

Wrinkle relaxer’s


1 Area wrinkle relaxer £140

2 Areas wrinkle relaxer £190

3 Areas wrinkle relaxer £240


Lip Fillers: Prices start from £160. Volume can be decided at your appointment.

0.5ml £160

0.7ml £200

1ml £220


Cheeks Fillers: Volume needed will be discussed and decided at your appointment.

1ml £250

2ml £399


Tear Trough: This treatment is not suitable for everyone, it is advisable to book a consultation first to discuss suitability. Treatment performed using cannula technique for maximum comfort and safety. No downtime and results lasts from 12 - 24 months.


Nasolabial Folds: Also known as "smile lines". Treatment performed using cannula technique for maximum comfort and safety. Pricing depends on severity of the Nasolabial fold & product choice.


Marionette Lines: Soften the area around the corners of the mouth. Prices vary depending on severity and product choice. Price starts from £250.


Jawline Fillers: Prices start from £399 for 2mls and results last approx 12-18months.


Nose Fillers: Results last approx 12-18months, price includes a free top-up within the first 6 weeks if needed. Results will depend on your anatomy and if you have had previous surgery.


Chin: Helps to balance and harmonise the lower face. Results last approx 12-18months.


Profhilo: A unique injectable hyaluronic acid for treating skin laxity. It hydrates, boosts and remodels the ageing sagging tissue. Best results are seen after 2 treatments, 4 weeks apart. Wrinkle Relaxers: You MUST have attended a face to face consultation before booking in for this treatment. If you haven't had a consultation before, this must be booked on a separate day to your first Botox appointment. If unsure please contact the clinic. Prices start from £140 for 1 area, £190 for 2 areas and £240 for 3 areas.

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