The 32mm Styler - Salon Professional Edition

Create soft curls and waves on all hair lengths with The Professional Styler 32mm Salon Professional Edition. Featuring our exclusive salon professional curling wand, dressing brush and sectioning clips, in one essential styling kit.


The Professional Styler 32mm Salon Professional Edition features our iconic extra-long gold ceramic barrel, especially designed for longer hair including Beauty Works extensions. 

Create soft curls and waves on all hair lengths, whether you’re looking for a Hollywood Wave that simply oozes retro glamour or that supermodel-approved ‘I woke up like this’ curl, you will be confident that your style will be perfectly polished and long lasting.

The kit comes complete with the exclusive Beauty Works Dressing Brush, featuring flexible vegan bristles that glide effortlessly through the hair. The soft bristles are gentle on strands, designed for use with Beauty Works extensions to avoid pulling or snagging. The kit also includes sectioning clips to assist with styling, a heat protective mat & styling glove, plus a travel storage case.


  • Extra-long 32mm Barrel - Specifically designed for longer hair types and Beauty Works extensions for even faster styling, giving you the confidence to create beautifully soft curls and waves that last.

  • Ultra-Efficient Ceramic Heat Technology - Providing consistent heat across the barrel, whilst styling and delivering long-lasting, evenly balanced, soft curls and waves.

  • Gold Ceramic Coating - Helps to seal the cuticle creating shiny, healthier looking, frizz-free curls and waves.

  • Temperature Control - from 80°C-220°C. Select the precise temperature for your hair type. 

  • Professional Length Cable - 3 metre professional, 360° swivel, non-tangle cable. For ease of styling in the salon and at home.

  • Storage - Complete with a faux leather case for keeping your styler safe when not in use, always ensure that the tool is completely cooled down before storing.

  • Styling Clamp - Ensure even distribution of heat to your hair, for more control when styling.

  • Dressing Brush - Prep hair for styling and sculpt softer curls with this exclusive hair brush. 

  • Sectioning Clips - For effortless styling.

  • Heat Protective Styling Glove & Mat.


  • Brush through clean, dry hair with the Beauty Works Dressing Brush and start by clipping your hair into manageable sections, with the sectioning clips provided.
  • Take the Styler and select the recommended temperature to suit your hair type.
  • Starting at the bottom half of your head, near the nape of your neck, take small sections of hair at a time. 
  • Place the styler either near to the root, or you can decide where you would like the curls to start.
  • Keeping your hair smooth and flat, wrap around the barrel of the styler using all the length of the barrel especially if you are wearing extensions or have long hair. 
  • Secure the ends of your hair with the clamp and hold for up to 8 seconds.
  • Release the clamp and gently let the hair fall and cool. Continue this process throughout the whole head until you have curled all your hair. For a softer, looser, more casual vibe - leave the ends out of the clamp.
  • Allow the hair to cool before using either your Dressing Brush to smooth out the curls, for a more defined polished style, or gently use your fingertips to loosen the curls for a more natural textured finish.
  • Set your style with Beauty Works Hairspray or Texturising Spray, to hold your style for longer.
  • Once you are satisfied with your style, switch off your styler and leave to cool down. Once cool place into the storage case provided, for safekeeping whilst not in use.


  • Before you start curling, always use a heat protection spray. This is vital to the health of your hair. Heat doesn’t just dry hair out, it can destroy the integrity of the inner structure of the hair and even decrease the longevity of that beautiful colour you may have invested in.
  • Curl the hair away from your face for the first few sections on each side, then begin alternating the curl in opposite directions. This will add more volume to the sides of your style and give you a more textured, effortless finish to your style.
  • Taking smaller sections will create a tighter curl pattern and larger sections will create a looser curl pattern. Experiment with different sized sections until you find the perfect curl size for you!


Beauty works Styler

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