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Vascular Lesion and Leg Vessel Repair and Removal with Laser Treatments

At Beauty By Tabitha, we offer a range of vascular lesion repair services with laser equipment that delivers safe, effective and clinically proven results. 

We can provide efficient and effective treatment options to safely improve and remove any unwanted vascular skin concerns. Whether it is facial, legs, or other areas of concern, lesions can be successfully cleared creating a more flawless, youthful and glowing appearance. 

Vascular lesion vessels on nose and face
Facial Vessels Cheek

Our dedicated experts are available to help you choose the ideal vascular or vessel removal laser treatment course. Our laser equipment offers gold standard lesion repair and removal.

This new laser equipment is revolutionizing skin rejuvenation and removal thanks to its effectiveness, speed, simplicity, and safety.

INSTA Motus Leg Veins after 1 treatment

Some treatments will require multiple treatment sessions. Removal and repair of common vascular lesions like facial and leg vessels, Telangiectasia, Acne, Rosacea, and Spider veins.

Client Information Sheet

Information about test patches, pre-treatment, and post-treatment advice.

Fungal-Nails Aftercare instructions

Before and aftercare advice that must be followed for successful results

NHS England’s Transgender Program

Information on qualifying treatments and requirements for payment.

Q&A of Common Clinical Questions

Answers about medications, hair removal, procedures and treatments.

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