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Say goodbye to unwanted hair with Sterex electrolysis, the gold standard in permanent hair removal.


With over 30 years of experience, Sterex is renowned for its safe and effective electrolysis treatments that deliver lasting results.


Our skilled and certified electrologists use state-of-the-art technology to target and eliminate unwanted hair from any part of your body, leaving your skin smooth and hair-free.

Whether you're struggling with facial hair, bikini line, or any other areas, Sterex electrolysis provides a personalized and tailored solution to meet your unique needs.

Our gentle and precise electrolysis technique ensures minimal discomfort and maximum effectiveness, making it suitable for all skin types and hair colours.

At Beauty by Tabitha, we prioritize your safety and adhere to strict hygiene protocols, using sterile disposable needles for each treatment. Experience the confidence and freedom that comes with permanent hair removal. Schedule your consultation today and let our expert electrologists guide you towards achieving smooth, hair-free skin with Sterex electrolysis. 

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